Christmas time. Quality time over the festive season.

And so we have reached the most sacred and blessed time of year again, most people will be spending this time with relatives and friends close to them, some of us will even be making new friends over this period as we welcome visitors for the first time into our homes but what about the lonely souls out there, will they have a happy festive time too and how will they cope with their situations, do anyone of us still remember the true meaning of Christmas???

Unfortunately, this can also be one of the loneliest and saddest times of the year when the true meaning of Christmas gets lost amongst the heartache and pain of being alone.

We don’t seem to always remember what this time is all about as we tend to dart around searching for the best and sometimes most expensive gifts we can find for loved one, almost as if that defines our relationship with this particular person whether it is a child, spouse, partner, parent or friend.

Underneath the Xmas tree you will find heaps of beautifully wrapped gifts and on the tables loads of different dishes for the Christmas meal with lots to drink and enjoy as we spend the time together but how many of us actually spend even just a couple of minutes to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas ???

If we had to change all of this and restrict people to purchase one gift per person for a minimally prescribed amount of money and we have to stick to the usual home cooked meal with no excessive extras will we then still have such a festive time and reflect more on the true meaning of Christmas??? Will we even celebrate it as such a big family affair if it is treated like just another day with a small gift to celebrate the idea of giving???

What about all the sad and lonely people out there, will it make things easier for them if all this excessiveness was put to an end??? Will they then remember the true meaning of Christmas and reflect on what we should be grateful for rather than feeling wrapped up in their own heartache if they don’t have to constantly be reminded of all the festivities around them.

Why then don’t we spend our time this festive season as quality time instead of worrying about the WHAT, WHY or HOW of it all, those words could be the start of an onslaught of pain and heartache that we should try and avoid, but on the other hand we could use those same words to make this if not a happy time then at least a bearable time so let’s try and use it like this for example, WHAT can I do to make myself happier? Or WHY don’t I do something for a less fortunate person over this time? And HOW can I put more meaning into my life?

I know it is all easier said than done but hey I am only trying to help and besides once the first step is taken you will realize how easy it was and motivate you to do more things that will make a happier person out of you.
I wish you all a very Merry and Happy festive time, don’t indulge too much and remember the true meaning of Christmas. To the lonely souls out there I wish you all the happiness and love you so rightfully deserve, stay strong and enter the New year on a higher note.

I am the kind of person that people trust with their secrets, the go-to person when they need advice, the shoulder people like to cry on and the best friend you can wish for, so I want to offer my expertise to others out there with a need to confide in an outsider because they want their personal business to stay private. I have lived an interesting and exciting life raising 2 kids as a single parent, I have taken many different directions in life to make the most out of situations placed before me. Many a milestone was not an easy one but with the Grace of God, support of my friends and family and sheer determination I have overcome them and moved on. I have often been in a "lonely" place in my life and this does not mean without a man, it means that I wished I had someone to talk to and throw around ideas with, listening to their take on a situation and feel that it is OK I can do this ....... When you live a rogue life, I found you don't always want to admit to the outside world how hard it is, they might even envy you and say, gosh she is such a strong person, nothing ever gets her down, she lives life to the fullest and seems fearless in what she is doing. The phrase "Only fools rush in where Angels fear to tread " applied to me for sure, I tried to hide my insecurities with bold moves and looking confident about it. Little did people know just how much I needed that WRONG NUMBER to call and vent just a little bit whilst listening to some reassuring sounds. I am now retired and feel a huge empty space within me, I miss the interaction with people and the general buzz of normal day to day life around me. My thoughts are that there must be lots of people out there with the same basic needs of comfort, advice and a WRONG NUMBER to call just to vent, and that is why I have started this Blog. Please join me and let's take this journey together.