In this Helpline Blog, we discuss Education and making the wrong decisions, how you might rethink your choice of studies at a later stage.

The one choice in life that will determine the course that you take as an adult must be education or the lack thereof. As an older person, I come from the era where girls finished school, found a husband and got married to settle down with the picket fenced house, kids and a pet or two.

As life goes on and you progress from a stay at home mom to a working mom you would typically find a job that was of interest to you or if you had a specific subject at school that can help you get into a position then you would ideally go that route, often you will work yourself up the ranks from there through either in-house training or hard work and experience.

You might find some external courses and enrol in those for further education and qualifications to not only enable you to climb the ranks of promotion but earn a higher income, my question is this, how many times have people set out in a specific direction and then later on realise that they have totally missed the plot where training is concerned whilst looking back at their education and making the wrong decisions.

For example you use a computer at work and you are pretty good at it, or so you think, if others are stuck with their limited computer knowledge then you can chip in an assist them to a point, you even figure out new ways to get your own work done etcetera but never in your life have you given it a thought to go for an advanced computer course to fully understand the working of this complicated and mysterious machine.

Well I have to confess that this is the position that I find myself in right now, never in my wildest dreams did I expect to need the knowledge of IT as much as I do now, and I am talking serious workings of a computer and especially the understanding of all the jargon that goes with it, I won’t even mention the sorting out of problems on my website and the optimization of my Blog. Now my Education and making the wrong decisions have come back to haunt me.

Understanding all these new-fangled technologies I realize you must be of a very young age to start, it must be a way of life growing up with it as a normal phenomenon in your daily existence. I must confess that my 4-year-old grandson probably knows more than what I do, so where does that leave me???

To go into complex studies like IT at a later stage of life is not the kind of fun that I would want to partake in but what else to do???? I need to get my head wrapped around all these technical problems and solutions one way or the other.
Asking an outsider to assist is just not the thing to do as there are too many ways that a dishonest person can compromise your computer and jeopardize your hard work so I ask you with tears in my eyes ………… Where to now???
My advice to people who are bored at home will be to do something above your level of experience on a computer it will not only keep you very busy and intrigued but it will also stimulate your brain power above your expectations, hell it will even make you laugh at yourself quite often …… Join me on the Helpline Blog and share your stories about Education and making the wrong decisions or the lack thereof.

I am the kind of person that people trust with their secrets, the go-to person when they need advice, the shoulder people like to cry on and the best friend you can wish for, so I want to offer my expertise to others out there with a need to confide in an outsider because they want their personal business to stay private. I have lived an interesting and exciting life raising 2 kids as a single parent, I have taken many different directions in life to make the most out of situations placed before me. Many a milestone was not an easy one but with the Grace of God, support of my friends and family and sheer determination I have overcome them and moved on. I have often been in a "lonely" place in my life and this does not mean without a man, it means that I wished I had someone to talk to and throw around ideas with, listening to their take on a situation and feel that it is OK I can do this ....... When you live a rogue life, I found you don't always want to admit to the outside world how hard it is, they might even envy you and say, gosh she is such a strong person, nothing ever gets her down, she lives life to the fullest and seems fearless in what she is doing. The phrase "Only fools rush in where Angels fear to tread " applied to me for sure, I tried to hide my insecurities with bold moves and looking confident about it. Little did people know just how much I needed that WRONG NUMBER to call and vent just a little bit whilst listening to some reassuring sounds. I am now retired and feel a huge empty space within me, I miss the interaction with people and the general buzz of normal day to day life around me. My thoughts are that there must be lots of people out there with the same basic needs of comfort, advice and a WRONG NUMBER to call just to vent, and that is why I have started this Blog. Please join me and let's take this journey together.