Moving on from this past year for Better or Worse ….. Welcome to the New Year

And so this year comes to an end, how did the past year go for you??? Some of us I am sure, went through some difficult times and for some of us it was an awesome year but the question is “What can you take from your experiences” or do most of us just carry on without reflecting about the why what and how???

If I had to say that I have learned something in the past year to help me in my future it will most certainly be to watch out for the “silent killers” meaning the little things in life that we just don’t see coming, and then WHAM!!! It slams right into you and pushes you off course just to leave you picking up pieces and struggling with all your mite to keep afloat.

What about the good things that happened to you, did you work towards those goals and then succeeded in making your dreams come true or did they happen by fluke??? As sometimes we get these pleasant little surprises which just seem to unexpectedly bring things together and make it work bringing about a positive change in life that you didn’t quite see coming.

Regardless of which one you were blessed or punished with, I hope you take that incident and turn it into a positive mindset for the new year.

This could be the saddest time of the year when most suicides happen as people out there battle to come to terms with their circumstances, pain, lack of love or companionship, abuse, loneliness or by just being treated badly by people around them so no matter what your story is let us just reflect on what the future holds.

Once you have accepted that life goes on and you will be part of it whether you like it or not I think you owe it to yourself if nothing else to make it a better future and decide what 2018 will be like for you, if nothing else, a happier year than the last one is what we all deserve and nobody can take this away from us if we work towards making it happen but this decision is your own to make or break. Once you have decided you can then try with small steps to reach that goal
Why not decide to look in a mirror every single day of this new year that is ahead of us and smile at yourself first thing in the morning and if you look as bad as I do when I crawl out of bed then at least grin at yourself, do something, anything to acknowledge that you are indeed awake and alive.

The one thing I refuse to do is to make a New Year’s resolution, this must be the biggest step you will ever take to ensure disappointing yourself, having said that, my only New Year’s resolution has always been NOT TO HAVE ONE !!!

I wish you all a very Prosperous, Happy and Successful 2018 with lots of love and solutions to all your problems in abundance, take that first small step to a positive change and see how you grow.
A big THANK YOU to all my readers for sharing this blogging experience with me and giving me a reason to carry on and strive for bigger things to come.

I am the kind of person that people trust with their secrets, the go-to person when they need advice, the shoulder people like to cry on and the best friend you can wish for, so I want to offer my expertise to others out there with a need to confide in an outsider because they want their personal business to stay private. I have lived an interesting and exciting life raising 2 kids as a single parent, I have taken many different directions in life to make the most out of situations placed before me. Many a milestone was not an easy one but with the Grace of God, support of my friends and family and sheer determination I have overcome them and moved on. I have often been in a "lonely" place in my life and this does not mean without a man, it means that I wished I had someone to talk to and throw around ideas with, listening to their take on a situation and feel that it is OK I can do this ....... When you live a rogue life, I found you don't always want to admit to the outside world how hard it is, they might even envy you and say, gosh she is such a strong person, nothing ever gets her down, she lives life to the fullest and seems fearless in what she is doing. The phrase "Only fools rush in where Angels fear to tread " applied to me for sure, I tried to hide my insecurities with bold moves and looking confident about it. Little did people know just how much I needed that WRONG NUMBER to call and vent just a little bit whilst listening to some reassuring sounds. I am now retired and feel a huge empty space within me, I miss the interaction with people and the general buzz of normal day to day life around me. My thoughts are that there must be lots of people out there with the same basic needs of comfort, advice and a WRONG NUMBER to call just to vent, and that is why I have started this Blog. Please join me and let's take this journey together.