SCHOOL HOLIDAYS AND WHAT TO DO WITH THE KIDS … Let us discuss the pains of boredom and money matters during this long holiday ………..

School holidays must be the most challenging time for most parents and the Christmas holidays must be one of the worst. What to do with the kids, how to keep them entertained and then, of course, the subject of money to pay for all of this.

Many, many parents, amongst others single parents, don’t always have the ways and means to give the kids what they want during the holidays so inevitably disappointment is on the cards. Some children will accept this as a way of life and just get on with what they have available to them but other will have a monstrous session of rebellion and do everything in their power to make it an unpleasant time just to see if they can force the parents to comply with their wishes.

Having raised your kids in a certain way will determine the outcome of their response to the minimization of entertainment and spending in this time when lots of parents feel the need to go way overboard and therefore set the bar so high raising the expectation of other kids around them.

As a single parent I fully understand this situation and the most painful thing was always to explain to my kids why I just can’t give them what their friends have, no matter how much I wished I could and if we were to make it through the very long month of January with “Back to School” coming up then I just simply do not have the money for lavish spending.

Don’t understand me wrong, my kids always had decent Christmas presents and I could give them money for simple entertainment like visiting a game park for a day or spend a day on the beach with money for snacks and entertainment but I was not able to send them to the Mall for a day of entertainment, shopping without a budget, Lunch, and movies or visiting Water parks almost daily like some of their friends could afford on a regular basis.

As a parent, I learnt early in life to teach my kids to entertain themselves as I felt that if you are able to keep yourself busy and occupied then you don’t need to always have someone around to provide for your mental stimulation. They also early on in life realized that they can entertain themselves by ways of thinking up different activities to partake in that would not only involve their friends but not cost any money.

I think the problem is that children don’t read or play games anymore and siblings don’t spend enough time in each others company to develop and hone their skills that could assist them in life as adults climbing the steps of life.
How each individual parent solve their school holiday boredom and money problems is up to them and I have no words of wisdom for you as I believe that this is a very private situation and can only be worked within the unit of a family if you know the logistics of that particular family but I do wish you luck and hope you find the strength to make it a happy holiday and festive season for you and your children.

I am the kind of person that people trust with their secrets, the go-to person when they need advice, the shoulder people like to cry on and the best friend you can wish for, so I want to offer my expertise to others out there with a need to confide in an outsider because they want their personal business to stay private. I have lived an interesting and exciting life raising 2 kids as a single parent, I have taken many different directions in life to make the most out of situations placed before me. Many a milestone was not an easy one but with the Grace of God, support of my friends and family and sheer determination I have overcome them and moved on. I have often been in a "lonely" place in my life and this does not mean without a man, it means that I wished I had someone to talk to and throw around ideas with, listening to their take on a situation and feel that it is OK I can do this ....... When you live a rogue life, I found you don't always want to admit to the outside world how hard it is, they might even envy you and say, gosh she is such a strong person, nothing ever gets her down, she lives life to the fullest and seems fearless in what she is doing. The phrase "Only fools rush in where Angels fear to tread " applied to me for sure, I tried to hide my insecurities with bold moves and looking confident about it. Little did people know just how much I needed that WRONG NUMBER to call and vent just a little bit whilst listening to some reassuring sounds. I am now retired and feel a huge empty space within me, I miss the interaction with people and the general buzz of normal day to day life around me. My thoughts are that there must be lots of people out there with the same basic needs of comfort, advice and a WRONG NUMBER to call just to vent, and that is why I have started this Blog. Please join me and let's take this journey together.